And there are dragonflies

We drove and drove. It seems roadtrips are always involved whenever we are in Sweden – and really, I’m not complaining.

And while I have so many things to tell you: that one drink Jessica made for us; the roadtrip we took to the mountains, fishing on a lake at three in the morning, under my first midnight-ish sun; the pictures I took with my film camera; the street lights; and the dala horses we’re about to see here in Dalarna.
Yes, while I have so many things to tell you, I’m making the most of modern magic (called 3G dongle, what an ugly word!) to show you where the roads have led us today. In Åsen.

I have a candle and the moon for only light. A wooden table in the garden as an office, with potatis and rabarber at my feet. There is a pond. And there are dragonflies. And really, I’d trade anything for this-right-here-right-now.

The August break #2 – Pattern

A list of patterns from today.
K’s eggs and bacon for breakfast. ♥ The evening sun through the blinds, projecting shadows on our wall. ♥ The fact that no matter how many times I’ve done it, I’ll forever be the worst at packing. Anxiety attack included. ♥ Tickles down my neck. ♥ Matcha bubble tea for le goûter. ♥ The soft pastels we bought yesterday. ♥ The midnight lattes. ♥ The crystals I drew last night. Maybe I’ll show you a picture later. ♥ A night at the airport. Not unlike last year.

Press pause

Exactly three months ago, I told you this:

And that too:

But you see, today, I’m only here to tell you about the August break. Literally and metaphorically.

Today, we didn’t pack our bags. Instead, we walked through a sunny London under the rain. Hoping for rainbows. And thunderstorms too.
We went to an art shop and got way too many pencils and pens and brushes and paper. Although, I might argue that these are the kind of things you can never have too many of.

Tomorrow, we’ll – most likely – spend the night at the airport. But I’ve learnt my lesson – airports get really cold at night – and instead of a summer dress, I’ll sure be wearing some sort of soft hoodie and thick wool socks.

#theaugustbreak2014. Day one: lunch.

Lunch. Or so they say. We had ours on some stairs made of stone by Charing Cross. A gluten-free avocado wrap for me and a little baguette with things inside for K. I didn’t take a picture. Of course. But I’ll remember those stairs. And most importantly, browsing through the alleys of the art shop. It’d been too long. More to come on that later hopefully. Cross your fingers for me. You see, dreams are – at times – not as daft as they seem.

And while we’re on the lunch subject, I’ve been super inspired by that book (which I haven’t bought, but I can’t help but love the idea). I’m thinking of starting a feed the chefs feature for those of you who are curious of the things I make whenever I’m on staff food duty!